My New To Me Harley

As you can see at the top of this site I have traded in my 2020 Low Rider for a 2016 Ultra Limited. I bought a used one because I didn’t want my payments to put outrageous. It only had a little over 9k when I bought it. I just couldn’t get my wife to ride with me on the Low Rider. While it was a fun motorcycle to ride and very fast, I couldn’t ride as much.

2016 FLHTK

It was a tough decision to make due to the huge loss I was going to take on trading it in and did I take a loss… I lost about $10k on that bike, but it was a decision I had to make. I won’t make that mistake ever again.

We love the Ultra Limited. The first thing I did was changed out the air shocks to Progressive 412 Heavy Duty. That made a huge difference since we are on the heavier side of things. I also put a Tall Boy seat on it to get me off of the tank. Now I sit back and a little bit lower now. I just added highway pegs and covers for the tops of my hard bags.

The reason I had to add leather covers to my hard bags is when I took my bike to get new shocks, the didn’t put the pins back in the hard bag to keep it secure. So when I drove off I heard a loud thud and saw my left hard bag sitting on the pavement. Of course, it got all scratched up on the top and bottom. They are going to fix it when they can, so I put on a temporary solution for now.

Harley Ultra Limited

Next, I want to get the kit so I can remove the pack for when it’s just me riding, but that’s another $500+ for the complete kit. I also will need to change the rear tire soon. I also want to have it repainted to a candy apple red. I kind of get tired of the black paint scheme. Although, this bike is Black Quartz.

I forgot I also added a Captain Itch concealed carry case to my right side hard bag. It is nice. I hope to write more than I have been writing. We just haven’t gone on many adventures yet. But after all this Covid-19 bullshit is over with, we plan on going to Fredricksburgh, TX for some riding and wine tasting.

Have a safe summer and see you soon. If any of you live in the Corpus Christi, TX area hit me up so we can go riding on a Saturday morning. You can email me at


Stage 1 Upgrade Pics

Nothing like getting your bike upgraded… I had been waiting for this ever since I bought it back in April 2016. I love the new sound it produces, such a low growl, gives me goosebumps every time I start it up.

I dig the new high performance air breather I picked out. About the only complaint I have is it backfires now and then. I am guessing they didn’t get it dial in like they should have.

Well lets get onto the pics…



Bike In Shop For Stage 1 Upgrade

I put my bike in the shop last Friday because there seemed to be a leak in the front fork area. They told me it probably wasn’t a fork seal, that it is more like some grease that was put on during the 1k service.

I though while it’s in the shop I might as well do the Stage 1 upgrade I had been wanting to do ever since I got it. So I picked out some Vance&Hines pipes, a Screaming Eagle air filter and the download for the ECM.

The parts arrived Tuesday, so I was confident I would get it back in time for a club ride scheduled for Saturday. But I have not heard from Harley yet, so I am not sure if I will get it back in time to do the ride. I hope they call me tomorrow to come and get it. I can’t wait…

It’s been a boring week not being able to ride. If I do get it back I have a 2 hour ride to San Antonio to look forward to. I have yet to ride it to San Antonio. The group I belong to is called Texas Softail Owners. It’s a Facebook group that started back in 2016, the same year I got my Heritage Softail. The club President lives up near Dallas, so I am hoping to go on the ride and meet him.

Well lets see what happens…