Here’s To New Adventures

Welcome to the Harley Diaries. I start this new chapter in my life with the purchase of a new 2016 Heritage Softail Classic and the beginning of the Harley Diaries. This is my roadmap to the pursuit of happiness.

I have had many different types of motorcycles throughout my life. I’ve had sport bikes, dirt bikes, and cruisers. I have Hondas, Ninja’s, Suzuki’s and Harley’s. None have excited me more than Harley’s. Owning a Harley is like being in an exclusive club.

I have owned the Sportster and the Heritage Softail Classic. I bought my first Sportster 1200C in 1999, got my second Sportster 883 SuperLow in 2011, and my third in 2012 1200C. The Sportster is a great bike for younger people and single people. I had many great rides on my Sportster, including riding my first Sportster from Carlsbad, N.M. to Austin, TX.

They are tough bikes, but hard on the ass. I had to stop every hour for a short break. I made that trip in about 12 hours. Did I mention I was also riding two up? Never again. I was only 29 then, so I could push through some of the discomfort. I sold that bike with the birth of my 1st daughter.

In 2011, I decided it was time to get another bike to ride. So I bought the 2011 Sportster 883 SuperLow. I will admit I made a mistake in buying that bike. It was just small, not enough power. I spent a lot of money on accessories to try to make up for the shortcomings I felt the bike had. But in 2012 I traded it in for a 2012 Sportster 1200C.

I was plenty happy with that purchase. I really enjoyed riding that bike, but I knew I was going to want a bigger bike in a couple years, so I held off on doing any modifications to it. The one thing that the bike did have was a Stage 1 upgrade.

Now that I am 45, I decided I needed something bigger and more comfortable for long trips. So about a week ago I went to Corpus Christi Harley Davidson to see what they had and what kind of deal we could make. I arrived at the dealership around 2pm on a Thursday and picked out the 2016 Heritage Softail Classic and left before 6pm with my new bike.

I can’t believe I waited so long to get this bike. It is like driving a Cadillac compared to the Sportster. I love riding it so much I find myself coming up with reason to take it out for a spin. Last Saturday, my wife and I took it out for our first ride together and rode to a small town about 20 miles away for dinner. It was such a nice ride there. By the time we left the restaurant though it was dark and the weather had taken a turn for the worst. We made it home safely and have decided to do this once a month.

So that brings me to why I have created this site. I am going to document these trips, do restaurant reviews, along with videos and pics. I also plan on documenting with video any upgrades and customizations I make to the bike. I wish I would have thought about doing this before I switched out the passenger foot pegs. But from now on I will make sure to shoot a video of anything I do with the bike from now on.

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this as much as we do.


Have fun,

Shon & Sue




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