My New Ride A 2020 LowRider Adventure

I decided to trade in my 2016 Heritage Softail Classic for something a little more sportier. I actually went in to the dealership to see if they would sell my bike for me. I originally bought the bike so my wife would ride with me, but that never happened.

So when I asked the salesman if they would sell my bike for me, he asked why and I told him my reason. He said why not just get something that I’d just enjoy riding by myself. I told him I hadn’t really thought about trading out of my bike. I got tired of the hit I took each time I traded my bike in. He told me approximately what he could get me for my bike and that my payments wouldn’t start till May 2020.

I told him ok, I’ll bite, what do you got in mind. He showed me a couple 2020 Street Bob’s that I just wasn’t feeling. So we went out back where they had some new bikes that had just been received. That’s where I found her, a Stone Washed White Pearl 2020 Softail LowRider.

I immediately fell in love with a few exceptions. I didn’t like the mid controls, and the handlebars. But I knew I could make a few changes in the near future and everything would be Ok. So now I own her and love riding her, she is fast with that Milwaukee 8.

2020 Low Rider
2020 FXLR
My new bike

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