Removed Tour Pack

Its been a couple months since I removed the tour pack from the back of my 2016 FLHTK. It’s like having two bikes in one. I put a sissy bar on the back, but it is also removable. I can put the tour pack or the sissy bar on anytime I want to change it up.

For riding just around town I like having the tour pack off. My wife won’t ride unless I have something back there, which is the reason I added the sissy bar. I’d prefer to have nothing back there when riding alone.

For those long rides to when we want to go out of town, the tour pack is set up so it just attaches back. The total cost of the tour pack removal kit was about $550. I saved another $500 doing the install my self. Now that the extended warranty is expired I will be doing all the work on this bike. I’ve thought about purchasing another extended warranty, but that will run about $2400 for 2 years.


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