Stage 1 Upgrade Pics

Nothing like getting your bike upgraded… I had been waiting for this ever since I bought it back in April 2016. I love the new sound it produces, such a low growl, gives me goosebumps every time I start it up.

I dig the new high performance air breather I picked out. About the only complaint I have is it backfires now and then. I am guessing they didn’t get it dial in like they should have.

Well lets get onto the pics…




Bike In Shop For Stage 1 Upgrade

I put my bike in the shop last Friday because there seemed to be a leak in the front fork area. They told me it probably wasn’t a fork seal, that it is more like some grease that was put on during the 1k service.

I though while it’s in the shop I might as well do the Stage 1 upgrade I had been wanting to do ever since I got it. So I picked out some Vance&Hines pipes, a Screaming Eagle air filter and the download for the ECM.

The parts arrived Tuesday, so I was confident I would get it back in time for a club ride scheduled for Saturday. But I have not heard from Harley yet, so I am not sure if I will get it back in time to do the ride. I hope they call me tomorrow to come and get it. I can’t wait…

It’s been a boring week not being able to ride. If I do get it back I have a 2 hour ride to San Antonio to look forward to. I have yet to ride it to San Antonio. The group I belong to is called Texas Softail Owners. It’s a Facebook group that started back in 2016, the same year I got my Heritage Softail. The club President lives up near Dallas, so I am hoping to go on the ride and meet him.

Well lets see what happens…